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  • This website and on-line booking option is provided as a convenience. As always, we recommend renting your chairs from our attendant on the beach upon your arrival in order to avoid issues related to weather, changes in vacation plans, and to be able to select your preferred spot. Please be advised that by choosing to proceed with an on-line reservation you will be charged an additional $5 non-refundable convenience fee. If you wish to avoid this fee please see our attendant on the beach for your purchase.
  • On-line reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. If you wish to rent for a current day you must see our attendant on the beach.
  • When reserving on-line you will be placed in set of chairs at random in the zone or row you select. You may request a particular spot in the “special requests” box at checkout. However, please be advised that these requests will not be guaranteed.
  • Payment in full is required to reserve chairs in advance.
  • Equipment is available to use each morning at 9:00am and collected at 5pm each afternoon. Seasonal dates of operation are mid-March thru mid-October.
  • A confirmation receipt listing dates of stay, assigned chair number and the property you have selected will be emailed/texted to you once payment has been received. Please make sure all info is correct and contact our office at (251) 968-2466 if any changes are necessary.
  • Set includes 2 seats and 1 umbrella. Individual chairs and umbrellas can be rented upon arrival, if available.
  • All cancellations will be subject to a cancellation fee of 3% of rental cost to cover associated fees. Any cancellations must be made before rental begins. Cancellations for a current day will forfeit that days rent and you will be refunded any remaining days rent minus the fees mention above. To avoid issues and fees related to cancellations we recommend waiting until your vacation plans are firm.
  • No refunds are issued for inclement weather or conditions out of our control.
  • No refunds for late arrivals.


  • Q. Should we tip our beach attendant?
    A. Tips are always appreciated. A customary tip of 10%-20% of your rental price is appropriate.

  • Q. Can I reserve chairs and pay once I arrive?
    A. No, chairs will only be reserved once payment has been received. If you choose not to rent your chairs in advance our attendant on the beach will be happy to help you once you arrive.

  • Q. Once I arrive how do I know which chair is mine?
    A. You will receive an email/text receipt with an assigned number which corresponds with a set of chairs on the beach. In addition we will also place your name on the back of the assigned chairs. If you have any trouble finding your chairs please ask our attendant for assistance.

  • Q. If I do not like the location of the chairs I was assigned can I move?
    A. Yes, you can ask our attendant on the beach to be moved once you arrive. Requests will only be granted to chairs that are available at that time. No moves will be granted prior to your arrival on the beach.

  • Q. You rent sets that are a pair of chairs and an umbrella but we have three people in our party. Can I rent an individual chair or umbrella?
    A. Yes, you can rent single chairs and umbrellas once you arrive, if available.

  • Q. When are the chairs available to use?
    A. Equipment is available to use each morning at 9am and collected at 5pm each afternoon. Seasonal dates of operation are mid-March thru mid-October.

  • Q. Do you accept credit cards on the beach?
    A. Yes, our attendants on the beach accept credit cards, as well as cash.

  • Q. Are the attendants lifeguards?
    A. No, the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have a lifeguard force that patrols the beach daily.

  • Q. Can I bring my own gear (chairs, umbrella, tent)?
    A. Yes, however, tents are only allowed in areas designated by city ordinance. These areas are marked by posts running along the beach and enforced by the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Additionally, all personal items must be removed from the beach each night due to the “Leave Only Footprints” ordinance.

  • Q. Can I leave my personal items (tent, chairs, toys) on the beach overnight?
    A. No, all personal items left on the beach after sunset will be removed and discarded by the city.